Appartements Kühtai

After many curves finally above the treeline, at 2020m above sea level. The air is clear, the place quiet, almost a little too quiet. A winter ski resort in the summer, except for two exceptions the lifts are quiet – the same goes for the accommodation and restaurants, only a handful have opened. During the day bus passengers, road cyclists and motorcyclists enjoy the panoramic route – they arrive, stretch their legs, admire the mountain peaks and disappear. However, for those who stay in Kühtai, as experienced in the early morning and evening, there is an almost bizarre calm. Here and there a lighted room and beyond only the sky. Kühtai in summer is not for everyone, however, for others there is no better place to be, far away high up, taking a break. Our 7 bright apartments are located in the village. You park in front of the door, the tourist office is located in the same building.

Comfortable: Free Wi-Fi and regular bread service.

Our guests live as though at home – simple with no reception. We oversee our homes from Innsbruck and do not reside in Kühtai. If you want to spend your holidays by yourself, then our house is the right choice. Families and friends cook and dine together, children romp on both floors, four-legged friends are welcome. Sometimes it gets lively, but it can also happen that you are the only guests in the house in summer. We are happy to rent the apartments exclusively to clubs or groups, then in addition to the 7 apartments, there is an additional communal kitchen area and the resident’s lounge which can be used according to your needs (therapy groups, coaching groups, clubs, training camps etc.)

We look forward to your visit! Family Wopfner